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Eleanor Neale Weight Loss | Why a British Youtuber did weight loss surgery | Biography

Eleanor Neale weight loss
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Eleanor Neale made viewers stunned with her new weight loss look. While Eleanor hasn’t spoken about her weight loss, her fans suspect that she had weight loss surgery because the process wasn’t gradual.

Eleanor Neale biography

It is no secret that Eleanor Neale is one biggest YouTube sensations, known for her eponymous channel and for the beauty material it offers. As a long-time YouTuber, Eleanor Neale has been an inspiration for her weight reduction journey. She has been a role model for her followers. This is what Eleanor Neale said about losing weight.

Who is Eleanor Neale?

Eleanor Neale was born in England in 1999 to British parents. But her parents have never been identified. The same is true of her mother. In her Vlogs, Eleanor often has her younger cousin with her.

Regarding her education past, she might be at university right now, but she hasn’t mentioned where she attended college or what she studied.

She became popular as a Youtuber in 2016, uploading videos about mystery and makeup. More than 2.4 million subscribers have subscribed to her on YouTube. She has had 360 million views on her videos.

Date & boyfriend

Is Eleanor Neale dating anyone? According to her relationship status, Eleanor Neale is single. She is single and doesn’t have children. Currently, she is busy with her professional duties. She has not disclosed her relationship status and may be seeking her ideal partner.

Eleanor Neale weight loss

Moreover, she continues to debate real crime incidents on her YouTube page, despite not being in any controversial situations. She has a spotless record.

Eleanor Neale Net Worth 2022

How much is Eleanor Neale worth? YouTube is the source of her income. As a result of her steady income, she enjoys a comfortable lifestyle. She has however not revealed how much she earns or how much she owns. The net worth of Eleanor Neale is $2.09 million as of 2022, according to several online outlets.

Eleanor Neale Weight loss surgery

She did not lose weight by following fitness regimens and changing her food and activity habits. She appeared to be overweight in one video, but she didn’t seem to be overweight in another one. Her weight was lost all at once. She hasn’t talked about her food and training routine on social media either.

It is well known that weight loss surgery is effective right away. It takes 1 to 3 days to leave the hospital after weight loss surgery. Your daily activities can resume in 4 to 6 weeks. You’ll need to make long-term lifestyle changes to make the most of your surgery.

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Eleanor Neale Weight Loss Before And After

In Eleanor Neale’s latest videos, it is hard not to notice that her looks have undergone a huge change since her last video. She has lost an incredible amount of weight, which is too visible and noticeable for her to deny. She used to be a bit heavier, not what society would consider a healthy, chubby, and curvy female when you are just watching her stuff.

I think she was more aware that she was overweight. However, she did not seem concerned about it. She didn’t seem concerned about her weight, which is rare since society considers slender bodies attractive.

Fans were surprised and perplexed by the sudden and severe shift in her weight. She surprised everyone by losing weight quickly, especially considering such drastic changes take time.

Eleanor Neale weight loss
Eleanor Neale weight loss

In the past, Eleanor Neale weighed 85 kilograms, but lately, her weight has dropped to 60 kilograms. She lost around 20 kilograms in just two weeks. She has been rumored to undergo weight loss surgery.

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Eleanor Neale only writes about cosmetics and crime stories. As she never discussed her weight or whether she intended to lose weight, her weight loss has received extra attention from her admirers.


How old is Eleanor Neale?

Eleanor Neale is a delightful British YouTuber known for her informative videos about crime, makeup, and vlogs. Born on January 24, 1999, Neale is 23 years old and has gained a large following for her opulent videos and content.

Does Eleanor Neale have a podcast?

Yes, Eleanor Neale has an Apple Podcast.

In this episode of the Apple Podcasts series “Youtuber Eleanor Neale,” the host discusses our society’s obsession with true crime. She interviews experts to try to better understand why this is, and what effect it has on those who consume these stories.

What country is Eleanor Neale from?

Eleanor Neale was born on the 24th of January, 1999, in the United Kingdom. Her parents were born in the United Kingdom, but she has never revealed the names of her parents, as she has not revealed their names to anyone. The same goes for the YouTube videos that she shared with her mother on YouTube.

Does Eleanor Neale have a son?

Yes, Eleanor Neale has a son.


Despite Eleanor Neale’s sudden weight loss, fans continue to support the British YouTuber. She seems unconcerned about her admirers.

As an influencer marketer, she continues to share content related to her passion for true crime and unsolved murder mysteries.

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