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What are the 7 Elements of Holistic Fit Living for Beginners

What are the 7 Elements of Holistic Fit Living for Beginners
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Suppose you’re ready for a wellness lifestyle that sees everything from a big-picture perspective. Holistic fit living is a great way to get started. This introduction to holistic fit living for beginners will give you a basic understanding of holistic fit living. I will discuss the three elements of holistic fit living, what a holistic life is, and how to develop holistic habits.

What is Holistic Fit Living?

Living a holistic lifestyle means caring for your mind, body, and soul. That’s quite wonderful, even though it sounds a bit fanciful.

Wholesome living is about seeing the big picture and taking care of yourself. The goal isn’t just to eat well, grow personally, or contribute. It’s all interconnected, so you focus on everything.

A holistic lifestyle isn’t for everyone. The idea is to observe yourself – and create a lifestyle that nourishes you. Thinking is more important than systems.

Mind, body, and soul are all parts of your life that need nurturing. Some people like to separate the mental and emotional aspects. I prefer to view it as just 3 parts for simplicity, but you can add more as needed.

The three parts of your well-being are interconnected in holistic fit living. 

Mental Health or Mind

A person’s mental health is something they try to maintain through their strength. You can’t ignore your emotions, work as hard, or be positive. When we take a holistic approach to life, we can take a step back and assess how we feel mentally. What is your current state of mind, and how are you feeling at this moment? Does your life seem affected by them in any way? Keep in mind that your body often reflects what you are feeling in your head.

Consider taking a break from creative work if you’re feeling stressed. It might be time to step back from social media expectations when you feel anxious. As Aa result, it will be easier for you to figure out what you need.

Our mindset controls our actions, so cultivating a healthy mindset is essential. It is what we think that determines what we create.

Body Parts or Body

Holistic fit living begins with the body part because it is the most tangible. It is easy to see and measure the effects of nourishing the body. When it comes to nourishing the body holistically, many aspects go into it.

You must determine what foods you eat to maintain a healthy diet. You can keep your body functioning at its best as you nourish it. Also, you know how important it is to move your body regularly.

Holistic nutrition is essential when it comes to feeding the physical body. Our sleep patterns, connection to nature, and the products we use on and in our bodies are also considered.

We also focus on wellness and holistic fit living. It is more important to maintain health than to fix problems.

Soul or Spirit

The ‘soul’ category can be difficult to pinpoint when you’re just figuring out who you are. It’s okay; nourishing your soul helps you gain that understanding.

A healthy soul can mean spirituality, but it can also mean so much more. It is essential to live in alignment with your values and with a sense of purpose. It would help if you spent time on meaningful contributions to the world to nourish your soul. Your relationship with yourself and understanding of the world will deepen as you nourish ‘soul’ elements.

Holistic Fit Living
Holistic Fit Living


It’s essential to nurture the mind, body, and soul, but it’s also essential to discover the qualities that make us live a holistic lifestyle.

Being Mindful

You can be mindful by being present in the moment and aware of your surroundings. When you’re mindful, you’ll be able to understand better how you feel and what you need. To lead a holistic life, one must be mindful to understand themselves and their needs fully. Our lives are only fully experienced and integrated into growth in the present moment.

I guarantee you have practiced mindfulness many times before, even if you are new to it. You are being mindful every time you take a deep breath to focus. Mindfulness practice is taking a step back from your emotions and guiding your actions based on your values rather than your emotions.

Balance Living

Balance is essential to holistic fit living since it nourishes the mind, body, and soul. The three elements can support each other if given enough time and energy. Your body as a whole needs to be nurtured in every part.

Balance Living

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to holistic fit living. It’s okay if you need to devote more time to some areas of your life than others, so it’s okay if things need to balance out better. You can achieve balance by gradually incorporating small, sustainable changes into your lifestyle. 

Occupational Wellness

Occupational wellness is the ability to balance work and leisure in a way that promotes health, personal satisfaction, and financial security. When people are happy and content with their work and leisure plans, they are in a healthy state of occupational wellness.

Keeping a positive attitude and handling work, school, and career goals positively impacts our performance, interactions, and overall success.

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Nutrition is closely related to physical health, but it is so important that it deserves its pillar. Your nutrition must be personalized according to age, sex, activity, and body chemistry.

You need nutritional foods that feed both your body and mind. The USDA recommends that adults fill half their plates with fruit and vegetables at meals. The other half should consist of grains, protein, and dairy.

It would help if you diversified your plate by including appropriate amounts of each food group. So you receive the macronutrients you need for a healthy lifestyle, muscle growth and recovery, and other bodily functions.

Having an Intention

A person who lives with intention is someone who lives their life purposefully. You can live based on your values when you live from a place of intentionality. With intentionality, you simplify, prioritize, manage your time, and decide where your energy goes.

The key to living a holistic life is to live on purpose rather than on autopilot. It is your conscious choices that lead you on your path.

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Get Practiced

Holistic fit living is not a destination. It is a journey that takes a lifetime to accomplish. Therefore, it makes sense to practice holistic living as a way of life.

The key to holistic fit living is to practice it every day. Getting everything done can be done at a time, as we discussed with balance. Slowly incorporate sustainable habits into your lifestyle for a holistic lifestyle.

As you continue to practice holistic fit living, you will experience continued growth.

Feeling Emotional

Emotional wellness is a state in which you can manage your emotions well. The most effective way to express your feelings is to identify, assess, and effectively share them with those around you.

How does this matter to you? You can be taken on an emotional roller coaster ride by the ups and downs of life. However, if you can better understand, process, and manage those feelings, you will be able to make the ride much smoother.

Social Wellness

Social wellness is about forming positive relationships with others through interacting with them. There can also be a conflict if those don’t work, and it is important to deal with it appropriately.

You can carry on your life’s struggles by relying on social relationships that can provide you with support systems. 

There can be no overstatement of the importance of surrounding yourself with people who care for you and support you in times of need. Support and understanding are powerful when life demands increase and stress mounts. It takes time and energy to build and maintain these networks. You will be able to rely on it throughout your life and continue to benefit from it.

Financial Situation

The key to financial well-being is appropriately living within your means and planning for the future. In the long run, small steps can make a big difference.

A financial wellness program might seem like it could be more exciting in the world. You can lighten your daily burden by controlling spending and saving money. In the long run, improving this pillar will strengthen the others.


As discussed in this article, creating habits is one of the keys to achieving a holistic lifestyle. A basic outline below will guide you in creating holistic exercise habits that align with your everyday life.

Get to know yourself.

It’s tempting to look ahead to where you think you should or would like to be. It’s important to start by meeting where you are and finding out exactly where you are a few days before starting the habit. It will motivate you to make small changes.

To grow and live the lifestyle you desire, you must understand where you are in the current moment to move in the direction you wish to go.

You should consider all the elements of holistic fit living: Mind, body, and soul. Dig deeper to see if you can find interrelated areas that affect one another in some way.

Keep One Thing in Mind

Even if an area of your life seems to fit into just one category, it will affect you and others. Try to do only some things at a time, or you won’t make lasting changes. Instead, pick one or a few areas that need nourishment most and work on those.

If you want more energy, for example, you may need to improve your sleep patterns (body), reduce your stress levels (Mind), and control the amount of energy you give to others (soul). It’s best to break big topics into smaller, bite-sized chunks since it is still a big topic.

Explore and Learn

Discover the area that needs growth, then learn about it.

We all have different holistic journeys, so implementing the best strategies will require research and learning. If you are looking for some great motivators or thinkers in the holistic fit lifestyle realm, you should find those who resonate most with you. You can find information in bookstores, blog posts, and on the internet.

Remember that much of what you learn in your own life comes from your trials and errors.s

Actions for Sustainability

You can set small goals to create sustainable habits that lead to a holistic lifestyle once you have set your intentions. Since you’re building a lifestyle, whatever you do needs to be sustainable over time.

You will change and evolve these habits as you continue to grow on your holistic lifestyle journey.

Make Meaningful Intentions

Holistic fit living is a lifestyle instead of a destination, so setting intentions is often the best place to start. It is important to break down your intentions into smaller goals.

The purpose of intentions is to keep us focused on our daily lives rather than reaching a specific goal.

Life is a present moment. We’re aiming to set intentions to allow us to enjoy our daily journey.

You can repeat these steps once you start integrating changes in one aspect of your life, and it becomes a part of your lifestyle. Take a look at step one again to see where you stand now.

What is the negative side of Holistic Fit Living?

Many people worldwide doubt the effectiveness of holistic therapies since medical doctors do not support them. However, treatment for mental illness is a complex issue when prescription medications are also considered when treating it.


What is holistic fitness?

Wholistic fit living fitness includes both physical and mental training. The program emphasizes physical fitness as well as mental, spiritual, and environmental factors that contribute to wellness.

Holistic fitness coaches combine physical fitness, nutrition, mindset coaching, and mindfulness into their programs. You’re not just lifting weights and dieting but programming your body to achieve new heights!

The industry is finally recognizing that great results require a whole-body approach.

How do you achieve holistic fitness?

First, set yourself goals and stay motivated to achieve holistic fitness. I want to mention one aspect of holistic fitness that can help you achieve your fitness goals and how it can help you.

Exercise, Yoga, Meditation, and mindfulness all contribute to a positive mental state.

What does wellness mean to you?

According to the WHO, wellness is more than the absence of disease and illness. There is nothing new about the concept of wellness. The concept of holistic fit wellness derives from holistic approaches to achieving health, well-being, and harmony.

Today, wellness encompasses all dimensions and is crucial. A balanced life should encompass emotional, physical, social, spiritual, environmental, financial, intellectual, and occupational aspects. We face even more life challenges than our ancestors, so these wellness concepts still hold today.

What are the 5 areas of holistic wellness?

Generally speaking, holistic health care attempts to address the following five dimensions of our well-being:

  • Physical
  • Emotional
  • Spiritual
  • Social
  • Cognitive

Self-care is the most important thing millennials pay attention to than anything else in today’s world. There is no doubt that fast-paced lifestyles and stress are constant driving forces that tend to hinder our ability to achieve well-being.

What are the 8 pillars of holistic wellness?

Holistic Fit Living can be divided into eight pillars: physical, spiritual, intellectual, nutritional, emotional, social, financial, and environmental. Working toward developing each of these pillars, even through small steps — such as taking care of your skin and hair — will help you become a healthier and happier version of yourself.

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Kane Zampa

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